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Presenting La Tavoletta Grande, where we offer the perfect charcuterie board for any occasion. From an intimate gathering with friends to a big formal event, our products are the perfect addition to add a touch of sophistication. You will appreciate our dedication to sustainability and quality as we provide you with long-lasting and attractive charcuterie boards made from bamboo wood you will love its sturdiness and durability. Let La Tavoletta Grande help make your events memorable with our unique and beautiful product. At La Tavoletta Grande, we believe that presentation is key to any successful event. Our charcuterie board is a must-have for all your entertaining needs, whether it be for business or personal use.


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Cabernet Sauvignon


Nero D'avola

Crafted with unwavering dedication and a deep-rooted passion for winemaking, Nicoló's, the visionary owner of Scavone Cantine, presents his crowning achievement. This exquisite wine is a testament to his lifelong commitment to excellence, drawing upon generations of familial tradition and an innate understanding of the land.

On the nose, expect a rich bouquet of sweet fruit aromas ranging from sweet lemon to peach and pineapple. Some wines have an almost banana-honey like quality. Underneath the fruit you'll get hints of floral-herbal notes such as dried flowers or thyme and sage

Savor a symphony of rich flavors and dark fruits, ranging from delicious blackberries to ripe plums, moving gracefully through your palate with every sip. Enjoy the elegant fusion of these fruity pleasures, complemented by subtle spice notes such as black pepper and cloves, weaving a tapestry of warmth and complexity into the wine.

Our Line of Sicilian Wines

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